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There are many ways for wildlife to find their way into homes, businesses and other properties. They often turn attics into a homes due to their dark, warm, and secure environments. Vacant sheds, barns, and garages also make great adopted homes for animals. Beehives can be found almost any place imaginable from in between walls to an open soffit. Wild hogs can tear down a fence or be crafty and sneak in underneath.

If you’re reading this… it can be assumed you’ve (unfortunately) discovered unwelcome guests in your home. Whether it’s a noise you heard in the attic, something you saw nearby or inside your home, a smell or another type of clue, it is extremely important to NEVER approach a wild animal. Wildlife who are cornered or feel threatened may attack and could potentially carry deadly diseases, bacteria and other pathogens that can be dangerous to a human. Always call a professional who can deal with the situation accordingly.

Treasure Coast Wildlife Trappers will safely remove the animal(s), set up an exclusion to prevent future unwelcome guests, clean and sanitize living area (fecal matter etc.) and repair any structural damage the animal may have caused. It is very important to hire a company with extensive knowledge, if animals are left locked into an area, they will die, creating another problem that could potentially be worse. If feces are left behind they can grow mold spores, which spread histoplasmosis a very deadly and surprisingly common form of mold on wildlife fecal matter.

We provide free on-site inspections, however, quotes over the phone are difficult due to all the possible variables involved. TCWT will beat any written estimate provided and, as always, seniors (55 and over) receive a 20% off discount! All work is guaranteed for ten years. Call us today at (772) 626-3584 to setup an appointment.

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